Sir Paul Lucas traveled to Göreme. In his book 1719, he said, in underground villages and rock carved homes that looked like chimneys, 20.000 people lived.  Or did he say 200.000 people?
Today, some of these homes are turned into boutique hotels, meeting venues and restaurants, and others are left to the expert hands of the nature to be sculptured in harmony with everything else in the valley.

From Kayseri Airport 45 min. or from Nevşehir Airport 30 min. the drive to the valley is a special welcoming with the landscape while enjoying local wine on the way.

The valley has over 100 underground cities occupied from the Hittite era to Early Christians and some until recently.
Hundreds of rock carved churches where some are enriched with frescoes including Tokalı and Dark Churches with breathtaking colors.
One notices many man made holes in the eroded landscape, designed for pigeons. The pigeon waste was used to enrich the volcanic soil of the wine yards. From the age of Christian monks until today, wine making was a local tradition in Cappadocia. It is great fun to go around the wine factories on a wine tasting afternoon.
Weaving carpets and making pottery from the clay of Kızılırmak River are other historical traditional handcrafts of the people of Cappadocia valley.

Almost in every house it is possible to see people boiling the grape juice to make a tasty pectic or feeding the oven to prepare household bread.
Curly surfaces of valleys of volcanic ashes, rocks in mushroom shape, dozens of different colors of the soil, it feels like having an event on the moon. 
Only when you see the number of the hot air balloons, charming wine yards, churches, pigeons and the horses you know this is somewhere in our World.

The most exciting and colorful activity in Cappadocia is a hot air balloon experience.
Going through the valleys biking, hiking or on a horseback can always be blended with one of the team activities in our repertoire.
Wine tasting and cooking class with interactive cooking would be activities to conceive  the local culture.
For the golfers, there is always a chance to do cross golfing in Cappadocia.
Theme dinners and gala dinners at incredible venues and terrains.




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